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Work hard, trail hard!

Work hard, trail hard!

The summer is over and the races take precedence over the summer activities. Whether it's on the road, in the office or on the road, it's hard.

In any case, congratulations to the organizers of the eco trail of Briey, the Jura tour, the pedestrian race of Roche, the CA Malling, the cross of Bresson ... and all the others for their events and their passion for sport.

On our side we work on our premises to make new solutions and you will soon hear about our new service "DAG Live" and the mobile application, "DAG Detection".

Official launch of the new sports platform

Take off on January 2, 2017 !!!

Official launch of the new sports platform

For the beginning of this year 2017, DAG System launches a new sports platform and events.

At first, it will allow you to renew the licenses of your software, as well as to order your UHF chips and encoding credit directly online.

Then it will quickly evolve to offer you a set of products and services that will bring real added value to your events and services.

Discover our sport platform

Solutions of access control, CRM, electronic ticketing, sport timing & logistics for tourism, event, sport and industry.



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