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How to choose your access control solution

The 3 importants points to choose your access control solution

How to choose your access control solution


What are the key points to choose your access control solution? Here are the 3 important aspects that will make your event unforgettable and will make your permanent access control combines security and comfort.


The keywords for your solution contactless access control:


  • Reliability / Comfort

The most important point is of course the reliability, trust that you can give to your system: Are you sure you get 100% of your detections? Or do you need to systematically verify your passages? Also remember to check collision management: Does your system can manage multiple passages, how fast?

So many questions to ask but with the current technological advances, you can now have a safe control with 100% of all detections and passages. This type of access control is unconstrained, "hands free" and long range. You don't have to show your badge or look for your card. Detection is performed no matter where your tag is. Saving time for you and no more constraint for your visitors!

  • Cost / Technical choice

You have a wide range of choice for purchasing your RFID contactless solution of access control: From the short or long distance solution, using different frequencies, with active or passive technology,...

If you want contactless and long distance at a lower price, you should opt for passive tags: 0,10cts per tag against 10 euros per unit for an active chip, with the same results. Then the question of the HF (High Frequency) or UHF (Ultra High Frequency). The latter is known for its ease of use. The system is set up quickly and you don't have to waste time with the settings. The UHF is recommended for large events. However, the HF technology has the advantage of being fully adaptable, you can develop all kinds of applications and rules depending on your needs.

  • Datas / Security

When your event requires more than flow management, consider the processing of your data. In addition to saving time for you, it is a real added value for your visitors. You want to recover data or already do, but do not know what to do? Opt for automated data management that systematically engages actions and decisions for you or your participants. For example:
- For the safety of your event, be immediately notified if there's an intrusion or problem
- Want to retain your participants and reward them? Send them personalized promotional offers when they arrive at your event
- Need to analyze the flow? You can set up an automatic report to verify the frequentation


Need a safe and visitor oriented system? Trust our experts for intelligent access control. Moreover, we equip the event Milipol Qatar 2014, the international exhibition of internal state security to be held from October 20 to 22.


For more information on flow management or access control, please visit the Access Control page and discover all the possibilities offered by this solution.

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