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Choose your traceability solution in 3 points

The optimal traceability solution with open and closed circuits

Choose your traceability solution in 3 points

Each business has its own characteristics and yours certainly has a lot of defining features. However, before going into details, it is necessary to recall the three basic functions and rules that you need to focus to build your perfect traceability solution.

These rules are designed below, focus on the management of rental equipment. The example of canvas and metal structures offer the advantage of a solution mixing applications in both closed and open loops.


1- Qualification of your products

Advanced products identification is the primary point for your traceability solution. Beyond to track your inputs and outputs, the part of quality assessment is extremely important and often overlooked. Do you know what quality products are designed for this specific client? In what state were they before leaving your stocks?

You must be able to control the quality of your products before dispatch to avoid unpleasant surprises like a duller or more worn canvas than the rest of the lot or a book for a certain age group. It's about managing the consistency of your commandes but also be able to adapt your shipment. A demanding client? You must be able to easily check the quality of your canvas or other products and be sure to provide them the best. Put products on demonstration? Rather prioritize those who have already served.


2- Inventory management

The second point you have to be careful is about managing your inventory :

  • Quickly know where your product is : Is it travelling for a client? Transporting for your partners? If it is in your inventory, where is it exactly?
  • Find a product by features : You need to easily find a product according to specific datas (type, size, color, condition, shape, cleanliness, ...)
  • Process lot on the fly : When your products are in whole lots, save time by treating them at the same time with the long distance technology. In a few seconds, you instantly check if there is missing objects, that belong to your partners or equipment to move.
  • Manage containers and contents : Be careful to choose a solution that can differentiate and identify clearly the contents from the containers

3- Optimization of flows control

Flow control are numerous and they are the most important datas to collect and process: Departure on site, return, stock inventory, circuit maintenance management, records, etc. Your solution must be coupled with your management software of computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) to efficiently manage your orders, change products with customized reports (rebus, maintenance, cleaning,...) know what you need to prepare in advance, controlling inventory...

The benefits of a good flows management are not negligible. This is a real time saving, productivity and even up! You don't need to unfold your canvas or open your boxes to verify the identity of the product one by one to control your returns.
Another example is the lot processing : Your employees can focus on their core business instead of taking hours to control your stock. Unlike a bar code system, you no longer have to look for the label, or treat your products individually. With the long distance reading, you can identify your lot on the fly.

Finally and most importantly, know that there traceability solutions that enable the automatic update of your database. Thus, a person can remotely change the information of a product using portable tools (like UPDA for example) and the data is automatically transferred to your database. No more errors, omissions or loss!


For more information on inventory management or flows control, please visit the Traceability page and discover all the possibilities offered by this solution.

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