DAG System

DAG Safety, anti-wandering security system

Protect your patients and be warned in real time

DAG Safety, anti-wandering security system

Need an anti-runaway device to protect your patients? DAG Safety is a cheap, reliable and discrete solution that keep your patients safe. Easy to install and to use, be warned in real time.


Our access control solution is distinguish itself through:

  • Alerts that ID by name the patients who try to exit the safe zone

  • Sharp stats (by patient, by door, by period…) in order to help you to manage your facility, ease your teams mind so they can focus on their main duties

  • Identification and timestamp of the crew who operate on the system

If an unauthorized patient try to exit the safe area, Safety Dag alerts you in real time throughout visual and audible warnings and also by emails and sms. The patient can wear either a RFID bracelet or a RFID SlimDag device that you can place under the insole in patient’s shoes (no interferences with radio waves around).

DAG Safety

DAG Safety anti fugue


  • 1- Connected mat that detects RFID devices

  • 2- Audible and visual warnings

  • 3- Real time sms and email alerts

  • 4- Supervisory staff validation to reset the device


Really easy to set up, 30 mins installation by door (necessary equipment: Electric drill, 8mm lock, 1 screwdriver).The box must be connected to 220Volts + Internet connection in order to be able to receive personalized alerts (cable or Wifi).


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