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DAG System

DAG System equips l'Alpe du Grand Serre ski resort

Our 26th station to be equipped with our Pass Ticketing solution

DAG System equips l'Alpe du Grand Serre ski resort


The french ski resort Alpe du Grand Serre chose to replace its Skidata access control terminals and opts for the DAG System solution of Pass Ticketing. Less expensive and including CRM and communication tools, we are equipping them to be ready by the beginning of the season.


Extract from the article of the town hall de la Morte, support town of Alpe du Grand Serre:


Skidata systems, used for our domain, required the purchase of an expensive software because the old version was connected by network at the SATA Alpe d'Huez website.

The control installations to the lifts were already obsolete and they should have been renewed within two years!

The decision was choosen to take advantage of the opportunity to renew the whole system directly.

DAG System has won the tender against two other competitors. Besides the price, it is the "communication" approach that won the tender commission.

Screens equip each access control terminal and will deliver all kinds of information in real time, such as the events on the station, advertising merchants, and even personal messages related to the customer pass.

The installation of ticketing software is underway and is expected soon to deliver the first season packages.


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For more information on access control or customer care, please visit the Pass Ticketing page and discover all the possibilities offered by this solution.

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