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For an easy management of your flows

Manage your human flows and your datas to better manage your resources

For an easy management of your flows

If you want to have an easy flow control on your domain, territory, resort, amusement park, event,... Your solution needs to connect hardware and software in order to have several types of information and most importantly, allow the automatically process of the data.

Beyond economic development, management and promotion of your domain, your management solution should allow you much more! Hardware and software allow you to collect very important informations about the functioning of your territory. They should allow you to processing and analyzing these datas automatically and instantaneously. Then, you can use this importants informations and increase your sales significantly.


Datas collection / Human flow

Data collection, base of the solution, is working with the installed hardware. The first flow to control is the human one: inputs, outputs and passages of your customers. Optimally, this is done by linking your electronic ticketing software to an access control system. Access control is important in the process of controlling your flow, at least for the management of the attractions passages, lifts, counts of entrances, exits, etc.

At the security level, you need to prevent fraud, stop invalid pass and verify the identity of the person. Consider choosing a system that can warn in real time the person in charge. With audible and visual alarms or even the automatic sending of messages (sms or email), the supervisor will respond more quickly.

Another little plus to ease your control of human flow: The nomad control. There are portable devices (like our UPDA) for mobile verification. Directly on the slopes or in the middle of the event, you can check at long distance if the pass the person is valid.

Beyond the control access, you must retrieve and keep all the data that you aggregate: Hours passages, average number of passage for a person, the most popular places ... Once analyzed, you can draw conclusions, decision support, which will allow you to optimize the use of your resources.


Data Processing / Optimization

With adapted solution and an intelligent automatic process, you have the opportunities to exploit the full potential of your data. Some examples:

  • Resources management

The first purpose of analyzing your data is to find how to improve the management of your internal resources. A concrete case with the staff or stock management. After amassing enough data, you can determine at which time of the day there should be more people at one place, prepare more products for sale, when you can close cash desk, etc. Another example is your territory management. If you know that at one time a place is particularly saturated, causing operational problems, why not take the opportunity to make an offer on another attraction to clear the place and avoid discontent?

  • Loyalty and customer relationship

For each purchase, the customer expands its profile with informations. The client record becomes more accurate, indicating purchases, preferences, interests,... Once your customer database have enough data, you can better engage and retain your customers through targeted offers. Messages sent are automatically adjusted according to the data of your customers: If it is a woman, her age, interests, activities during his last visit,... All data are processed for your customer to propose an offer that really suits him and ensure a good ROI through an ensured retention.

An example of a connected solution allowing an easy flow management and automated data processing:


For more information on resource management or customer care, please visit the Pass Ticketing page and discover all the possibilities offered by this solution.

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