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Maximize your time and resources

More than 2 minutes of queuing at your cash desk? Upgrade to full electronic

Maximize your time and resources

In the tourism and leisure domain, with clients in the amusement parks, ski resorts and culture as well, the goals are the same: Gain new customers, generate more sales from their visits and win their loyalty to make them come back.

We asked a panel of leisure consumers asking them what restrain them to go into these places of entertainment and conversely, what encourages them to return. Their answers? Many are afraid to leave because of all the logistics involved, all the research and forecast needed. And the bigger the family is, the bigger the problem is!

The main obstacles for these potential tourists? The waiting queues, management of the reservations, forecast budget expenditure... For them and for you, we found the solution! Watch the video below to discover it:

The solution: Electronic automatic ticketing with a multi-sales pass!

The result:

  • Your customers reload their online pass and no longer have to queue. They can buy a lot of activities and item from your e-commerce site with customizable pages.
  • The pass as the only means of payment, whether for a rental, access to attractions, to book activities... You can pay with all your partners, activities pre-loaded on the pass!
  • With the pass and software, you can perform a more accurate customer care than ever. Your customer’s profile grows with each of their actions so you can offer them tailored deals.

And for you:

  • Increase your cash through the presale
  • Save time with the additional sales online channel
  • One way to optimize resources through planning and reservations management
  • Impeccable customer care to better engage and retain them with the loyalty card


For more information on resource management or customer care, please visit the Pass Ticketing page and discover all the possibilities offered by this solution.

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