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Time your race for €50

Thanks to the DAG Live app

Time your race for €50

Thanks to DAG Live you can now you will now be able to time your race really easily, with instant results for only €50.

Download the DAG Detection App on you Android smartphone, install it then book the date of your race for the timing app to be active at the right moment. Desgined to be used with almost no training at all, this app will allow you to add detections in few "clicks" and send them to the Cloud.

You do not need to install another software or to use a computer. All the data are processed automatically and published live on the internet.

The advantage of that solution is that it allows begginer as well as experienced timers to meet their needs. Ideal for time trial races, to acquire split time at a checkpoint, it is also compatible with the Android UPDA (handheld device).

You will only need to use the DAG Detection app on your smartphone and the platform associated to the DAG Live service will do the rankings.

Make DAG Live one of the weapon of your timing arsenal and contribute to its development to create the perfect software for you. 

Download it now : http://www.dag-system.com/products/applications

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