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Electronic timing and watersports

4 ways to use electronic timing for your watersports

Electronic timing and watersports

Summer is coming, temperatures are rising and aquatic events are popping! But which timing system did you choose ? There's a misconception that water and electronics aren't a good mix, but in the case of watersports and RFID timing, the two are totally compatible. Here's 4 configuration examples to time your watersports.


The RFID technology used will be exclusively the UHF (Ultra High Frequency), since the portals that require contact with the ground won't be efficient in the case of watersports. For all your nautical events, we'll use the same reader (U-Reader) and the same side antennas (SS4). The only difference will be the positioning of the antennas and RFID chips used.

For the chips, two types are recommended:

  • The U-DAG Inlay: Sticky chips, waterproof which are also used for skiing, for example
  • Le U-DAG Bracelet: The chips are attached to a waterproof bracelet, also used in triathlon

Thing to know that in any configurations, participants must pass close to a riverbank or a pontoon, to pass near the reader connected to the antennas. More informations about the equipment at the bottom of the article.


1- Canoe-kayak races


timing kayak

Boats can perfectly be timed electronically, shooting of the rapids aside. To avoid disruption due to the hull in detecting chips, we recommend to put the chip on the helmet.


chips RFID

We recommend a self-adhesive chip Inlay to stick to the helmet

antennas RFID

The chip positioned on the helmet, the antennas should be above the participants, as shown in the pictured above.


2- Paddle competitions


sport timing

For boards sports, the rider isn't submerged in water or installed in a hull, you can easily use the bracelet with chip integrated for the detection. The paddle for example, where riders don't necessarily have a helmet where you can stick the Inlay chip.


chips RFID

A U-DAG bracelet to the wrist for a perfect detection.

antennas RFID

They should be positioned on the side, above the water.


3- Snorkeling


race swim timing

For swimming sports, the whole body of swimmers is immersed in water. The U-DAG Bracelet is ineffective, because of the RFID waves not passing through the water.


chips RFID

The advantage of the inlay chip is that it can be sticked on any surface. For swimming, we recommend to put it on the top of the snorkel (above water).

antennas RFID

They should be positioned on the side, above the water.


4- Radio-controlled boats races


race boat timing

The advantage of this sort of boats is the width, wich is less important than the real size boats. Electronic timing meets the timing requirements for this type of boats.


chips RFID

An Inlay chip stick to the hull, above the water level.

antennas RFID

They should be positioned on the side, above the water.


Systems informations

Warning, electronic timing equipment may be used for watersports but:

  • Chips are waterproof, but can't be detected underwater
  • Antennas are waterproof, but can't detected underwater
  • Readers are waterproof, but MUSTN'T BE DROWN underwater


For more information on timing or communication, please visit the Timing page and discover all the possibilities offered by this solution.

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