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DAG System

RFID Readers

The RFID Reader is the interface that allows to read the information contained in the chip. They globally have all the same operating system, but a choice of the adapted reader completely differs from one use to another.

  • Fix or mobile ? The reader can be mobile to allow to read chips manually or on the contrary, fix, chips have to move to be read.

  • Long ou Short distance ? Some readers allow to read the chip with direct contact to this one, or a reading distance from a few centimeters up to several meters.

UHF Readers



Fixed - Long distance
High-performance reader
Reading and chip programming

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  • Do not require adjustment
  • Compatible with all RFID UHF systems
  • Allows to connect up to 4 antennas by reader - Allows to connect several readers
  • Reader Connection / PC via RJ45 or Wi-Fi option
  • AElectricity supply: 24 volts via Power Over Ethernet (P.O.E) – optional assistance by battery
  • Reduced size : 2kg - L220mm x H76mm x 212mm


Portable - Long distance
Small, sturdy, powerful and with a long battery life

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  • Reading up to 4 meters
  • Compatible with all UHF RFID system
  • 8 hours battery life (Li-ion battery)
  • Possibility of Wi-Fi connection
  • Easy to handle , «manual data entry» mode available
  • Waterproof, IP65 norm
  • Option GPRS on request
  • Small and convenient: 300g - 146mm x 74mm x 50mm



HF Readers


DAG Prog

Fix - Short distance
The compulsory tool for reading (check) and programming your HF chips.

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  • Reads at 10cm distance
  • Fast and reliable programming
  • Automated Solution for a maximal safety
  • Available in various versions for V4, V6, MX chips specially
  • Reduced size: 117mm x 80mm x 25mm

Black box - BB3/BB4/BB5

Fix - Long distance
Efficient, autonomous and with complete connections, it is the universal RFID reader.

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  • Data protected in memory flash
  • High-speed, long distance and big volume detection
  • Compatible with 1D / 2D antennas HF and mat
  • Reading and writing of every type of RFID chips
  • Size: 240mm x 105mm x 195mm

LRD - Long Distance

Fix - Long distance
Long distance reader for reading only

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  • Detection until 10m
  • High-speed, long distance and big volume detection
  • Reading and writing of all type of RFID chips
  • Size: 165mm x 120mm x 85mm

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