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Access control

  Our solution for access control and passages monitoring offer the advantage of being non-contact, for long or short distance, unlimited size and no-limit speed detection!

Whether it is a show for a few people or a race of thousands runners, but also for all environments (high security environments and risk areas), our products are configurable to adapt according to your need. We offer a wide range of products both for the chips (in card, bracelet, bibs, ...) and portals (turnstile, swing 2m wide, 8m wide arch ...).

With our access control solution, you can analyze passage data to better manage your resources, understand your clients interests and engage them through custom display on the screen and sending photos, videos, sms or email at a set point or the passage.

Access control without constraints


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Depending on your sector


Ski resort

  • Ski passes control down the ski lifts
  • Specially designed gates for easy passage at ski and snowboard
  • In addition to the complete solution Pass Ticketing for tourism and leisure



  • Suitable for all types and sizes of events (single passage, multiple, environment,…)
  • Possibility of packages multi-products (food, housing, shopping,...)
  • In addition to the complete solution Pass Ticketing for tourism and leisure


  • Compatible for high security zones and highly risk environments
  • Management, contrôle, monitoring and history of all passages
  • Identification of persons with different levels of access restrictions



  • Control of the products entrances and exits (books, DVD, others)
  • Warning when unauthorized exit of a product (audio, visual and sending message)
  • Interfaced with the Horizon software and protocol compliance SIP2

For your customers and you


Without constraints

The control without direct contact, the remotely control



Products and solutions tailored to your needs



Communication solution and event organisation


Resources management

CRM tools to analyse and to better manage your resources

Solutions of access control, CRM, electronic ticketing, sport timing & logistics for tourism, event, sport and industry.