DAG System

Communication Marketing

  Our communication and marketing solution helps you to promote your project or your domain, to retain your customers effectively but also optimize your resources to make better decisions.

The CRM analysis tool lets you know what your customers are the most interest in to manage your resources but also to have a better understanding of your clients! You will be able to offer them targeted and tailored offers that will precisely affect them so you can increase your sales.
The solution includes event creation and multichannel transmissions by sending the information via SMS, email, newsletter or connected to social networks.

Your customer relationships, just simply


Loyalty and Customer Experience


Unique customer experience + Know and analyze =
Better engagement and customer loyalty



Coupled with our ticketing software, ranking or Pass Ticketing solution in addition to the equipment required, this solution helps you in your promotion and your customer relationships. Increase your sales with advanced targeting and save time with automated sending personalized messages depending on the profile of your customers. The customer loyalty has never been easier!


  1    Know & Make known


Your customers

Through ticketing software (DAG Ticketing), ranking or Pass Ticketing coupling ticketing and cards, get to know, recognize and have a track of your customers. With automated customer base, hyper-accurate and reliable data, build stronger customer relationships using multimedia messages and manage your client files.


Make known your territory, event or business through communication campaigns. Adapted and multimedia, the solution will allow you to obtain better visibility, gain new customers and increase your sales.


  2    Inform & Share


Our solutions allow you to connect to social networks of your customers. With their approval, the user can send messages to their friends or share photos and videos automatically (at a predefined action or event) from our platform. Widen and engage your heart target with contests or promotional offers via sharing on social networks.


  3    Analyse & Target


With your intensive customer care, analyze your stream to understand how to manage your resources for optimal results. Whether to unclog a crate during a certain period by putting a promotional offer for another activity, assign your personnel, to give better visibility to your business partners or products in areas of loud passages... Added to our Pass Ticketing solutions or access control solution, you can also target customers by identifying their interests.


  4    Communicate & Fidelize


Your customers

According to the information contained in your customer database, you can just on a few clicks send personalized offers to your customers: Customized in form and content through artificial intelligence which can adapt a text according to your predefined data and the user interactions. We also help you in creating your content, supported by our marketing or external service provider. With these sending multichannel messages (SMS, email, social networking, website), you won't miss your target.


According to your initiatives, we propose the organization of specific events such as fun activities (treasure hunt, timed competitions, ...), the implementation of promotional activities (animated distribution of flyers, speakers,. ..) and the availability of our partner teams in animation. We also propose the establishment of permanent activities such as timing or take of pictures and video with automatic transmission online (to a website, social networks, email or SMS).

Customer loyalty and management



Communication campaign and event organization


Customer Loyalty

With the targeted offers and customers relationship tools



Gain visibility with social networks and mailing


Resources management

CRM tools to analyse and to better manage your resources

Solutions of access control, CRM, electronic ticketing, sport timing & logistics for tourism, event, sport and industry.